The institute’s library stocks over 24,000 volumes: books, periodicals, and reference works. It is the nation’s largest library specialized exclusively in the history, languages, and literatures of Southeastern Europe. Among its acquisitions are the private book collections of some well-known Bulgarian scholars, such as Prof. Peter Mutafchiev, Prof. Peter Nikov, Prof. Pirin Boyadzhiev, Acad. Nikolay Todorov.The library has a reading room with twelve seats and a microfilm-reading appliance. The post-2002 acquisitions can be found in the on-line catalogue of the Central Library of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences . Books from the institute’s library can also be obtained through interlibrary loan. Our librarians provide consultancy on all library-related matters.

Emilia Petrova

Working hours
Monday through Friday, 9 am – 5 pm