Become an organic farmer

What are the steps to organic farming?

For a holding to be called and organic products are "organic", the manufacturer must enter into a contract with a good consultant to develop a plan for transition to organic production. As the production of organic way is quite different from the conventional, the farmer needs and advice on creating the management plan. Such consultations can obtain from specialized organizations dealing with organic production. Membership in the association of organic producers will be of great benefit to the individual producer.

After passage of the transitional period (two years for annual and three years for perennial) farm can be certified and products respectively and it can be labeled as "organic." Stock-breeding is possible in short periods of reconstruction are fulfilled exactly all orders depending on the type of animal breeding. Transition plan includes several elements, ranging from the analysis of soil and identify any steps to technological change. The recommendations of the consultant to include elements of the landscape buffer zone and the economy.

After having developed a plan for transition, the manufacturer may apply to official control authority. Producer and inspection body agreed on holding and controlling the issuance of a certificate. The certifying authority shall include in its records the manufacturer who must provide information about their holdings by size of area stores, the measures which the owner provides for compliance, etc. The next step is the control (inspection), which is performed by the certifying authority employed by a person or company. This inspection includes checking the place for techniques, additives, materials and keeping a record of the proceedings. Based on the inspection report to monitor the certification committee, which takes the final decision. If the report is positive and the committee decided that the manufacturer complies with the standards it reaches the final, third step of the control system - certification.