Livestock Breeding

Caring for animals according to their needs

Along with producing healthy plants on firm ground, keeping the animals in accordance with the requirements of the species is a central pillar in organic agriculture. Case in point is the ban on raising chickens in cages, all pigs must have a bed of straw or similar, and natural light in the room. Cows should have a yard. Embryo transfer, stimulants productivity and carcass meal feeding are prohibited. Manure is returned to the field and thus closes the circle of substances in organic farming. Requirements for keeping animals are strict and apply to farming, nutrition and disease prevention.

An organic farmer grows generally more animals than can feed with fodder from own farm. Moreover, the number of animals that can be grown per hectare is limited (eg, at most 2 cows or 12 pigs).

The animals must be given enough space to be dry, soft and warm. Animals should not be tethered and must give them access to areas with lawns or open areas or to ensure the yard. By 2010, exceptions are possible if the control authority approves it.

Animals may be fed mainly feed on organic farm - if possible from his own farm. For herbivores 60% of the daily ration should consist of coarse, juicy, fresh, dried fodder or silage. When feeding the birds at least 65% must be corn stover. Small mammals (cows, pigs, etc.) are fed with natural milk, preferably mother's milk. Also pigs and poultry in each daily ration should be given rough succulent feed, dried or as silage. Are strict rules for food additives, silage additives and auxiliary materials. In no case shall be permitted antibiotics, growth stimulants and other substances to increase productivity. Strictly prohibited are also genetically modified feed for animal husbandry.

For treatment: If animals are sick, you should be given to the possibilities of sustainable healing methods like homeopathy or acupuncture. Drugs for animals may be granted only under the responsibility of the veterinarian. For the treatment (drugs, disease duration, waiting time), farmers must keep accurate notes.