Genetically modified organisms

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Who will benefit from genetic engineering (GE)? Who needs genetically modified organisms (GMOs)? Where are they going to take us?

These are questions we should ask when confronted with any new technology. In the case of GMOs we are convinced that they aren’t of any use neither to the farmers nor to the consumers – the benefit is only for the corporations who produce and sell them.

The organic movement rejects genetic engineering for ecological, economic, ethic and political reasons – and also because we simply don’t need GMOs.

We believe that a GM-free agriculture is safer for the farmers, the environment and the consumers. Therefore we are active to establish the first Bulgarian GM-free area and to raise awareness on GMOs among a broad public.

Campaign announced to the Rhodope zone free of GMOs

Time: September 2005 - March 2006
Summary: The project aims to raise public awareness about the risks of genetic engineering and the declaration of the first zone free of GMOs as a pilot project in Bulgaria.
Funding organization: Grassroots Foundation, Germany

Raising awareness on GMOs

Time: 2004 - 2005
Summary: The project aims to inform the public about issues related to GMOs, to build a broad movement of NGOs and people familiar with the risks of GMOs.
Funding organization: Grassroots Foundation, Germany